Why Narcoz is the Best Cafe in Dehradun?

Narcoz – The Food Cartel is a modern cafe and dining restaurant serving scrumptious, freshly prepared traditional and western delights. A perfect food destination for epicures, Narcoz is known as the best cafe in Dehradun for its great variety and exceptional services. 

Come and enjoy a memorable eating experience with your family members, friends, or office colleagues in a warm setting. Seek pleasure amid a charming ambience, which is an ideal fusion of contemporary interior design and a lovely hillside view. Planning a lovely lunch or dinner surprise for your spouse will be a great idea.

Go ahead and discover further about Narcoz – a fabulous cafe in Rajpur Road Dehradun. Get to know well what makes Narcoz to be at the top of your list.

Explore Well-Curated Menu

Narcoz offers an assortment of delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, inspired by a vast diversity of culinary sensations. Be it Continental, Mexican, Italian, or Fast Food, the restaurant has it all desired by people of all age groups. So, whether you wish to gorge on pasta, burger, quesadilla, or any other fast food, along with some refreshing coolers or other beverages, you can explore from a vast great menu

Well, if you are here at a family lunch, dinner, or corporate luncheon, you can definitely go with a great selection of appetizers, tikkas, dishes, sandwiches, risottos, salads, and more. 

Everything is prepared with care and perfection by our professional chefs who are well-versed in the latest emerging food trends. 

Relish Exquisite Meals

If the beginning is great, the whole experience definitely becomes a pleasurable one. So, how about having some snacks or starters like bhaaji and chips, paneer tikka, quesadilla, gunpowder grilled fish, craziest cheese poppers, grandeur supreme nachos, Mexicana fries, hummus with pita bread, Kurkure momos, cajun spicy chili wings, achaari skewers, die hard rolls, masala soya chaap, achaari chicken tikka, mushroom galouti, afghani chicken tikka, peri peri fries, veg club sandwhich, pesto chicken club sandwich, supreme veggie pizza, mutton seekh kaathi roll, and much more. Isn’t that really a lot to choose from?

Relish Exquisite Meals at Narcoz the best cafe in Dehradun

For some hearty meals, you may go for creamy parmesan pasta, spaghetti aglio olio, tomato and cream cheese risotto, cottage cheese katsu ramen bowl, truffle scented wild mushroom risotto, and a lot more is there to please your taste buds.

Well, if you are on a diet or love having different salads then you must try summer greens tossed salad, ceaser salad, quinoa fruit chaat, and more. These salads are available in both veg and non-veg varieties. 

How can one forget having a cool drink or a cup of cappuccino, latte, or espresso? In fact, Narcoz also serves macchiato, cordato, hazelnut delight, Irish coffee, café mocha, americano, and more.

cup of cappuccino, latte, or espresso at Narcoz the best cafe at Rajpur road, Dehradun

If you are a cold coffee fan, having a classic frappe, caramel frappe, or hazelnut brownie frappe will suit you.

Isn’t it incomplete without some sweetness? Conclude your happy moments with your favorite chocolate brownie or banana split. 

What Makes Our Dishes Unique from Others?

Some great minds are engaged at the cooking station!

If you are thinking what’s something distinctive about Narcoz that it serves the best food in Dehradun then this credit goes to our expert chefs. With great years of industry experience, they strive to prepare flavorous multi-cuisine specialties whose taste you will remember forever. 

Our chefs keep experimenting with different flavors to create a blend of the best recipes in the most authentic style. Such a combination of their gastronomy skills and cooking techniques creates all the magic that goes straight to your heart.

In fact, some deep talks over food trends and trying new cooking styles are always going at the kitchen of this best cafe in Dehradun.  Their skill is evidenced by the way they recreate already existing recipes with basic ingredients and prepare a dish that looks beautiful. Every version of a recipe is tested repeatedly and enhanced suitably with new techniques.

Well, the food presentation style is equally relevant when it comes to serving on the table. Our chefs are masters of the same. 

Rejoice in Warm Hospitality 

Our friendly staff members make you feel comfortable and at home with their genuine hospitality. They make sure that all the demands of our guests are met appropriately and that all of their issues are addressed with complete dedication. 

Moreover, if you have certain food tastes, preferences, or choices like you want less spicy food or can’t have a drink that is too chilled, you may convey your requirements and enjoy it all accordingly. 

Plan Events and Make Memories for a Lifetime

We understand how crucial it is for you to mark special milestones and create lifelong memories. We let you host wonderful parties for your exclusive celebrations with family, friends, co-workers, or relatives. 

Plan Events and Make Memories for a Lifetime at Narcoz – The Food Cartel

Our amicable team makes the necessary arrangements. You can easily discuss your requirements, specify the customized arrangements you need, tell your budget, and seek consultation from our staff for all such detailed planning. Hence, it’s about getting a complete package with a specially designed vegetarian and/or non-vegetarian menu as per your choice and preferences. 

Well, if you wish to hire a planner to help you prepare the decorations and event area set up for a birthday or anniversary party, you may go for that at this couple-friendly restaurant. 

So, organize your special gatherings with Narcoz and add flavor to your most treasured occasions.

It’s a Good Value for the Money

We believe in serving you with the best in less. 

Our pricing structure won’t bother your pocket much. You will be satisfied with what you get at the price you have paid for it. With good quantities of all our delicacies, you will find it a great deal to be at Narcoz.

Narcoz is Certainly Hygiene Conscious 

You can expect a high level of hygiene, as Narcoz follows a stringent checklist to maintain hygiene and cleanliness at all its zones. The seating areas (table tops, chairs, and sofas), furnishings, washrooms, and kitchen are sanitized, dusted, and cleaned so often in a day. You will find the floors completely spick and span.

Narcoz is Certainly Hygiene Conscious 

Kitchen items like cutting boards, utensils, blenders, grills, and more are daily sterilized and properly cleaned. Moreover, no smoking or drinking is allowed inside this area. 

Well, the ventilation and shining light coming from outside keep the atmosphere brimming with cheerful vibes. 

Contact Details of Narcoz – The Food Cartel

Narcoz is strategically located at 55, Old Rajpur Road, Main Bazaar Chowk, Dehradun, Uttarakhand – 248009. This location has been set keeping in mind the easy accessibility by visitors. 

We are sure all such wonderful details, especially the great menu with so many delicacies to choose from must have enthused you to the fullest. 

So, make sure to plan an outing with friends or visit this best cafe and restaurant in Dehradun for family dinners. Well, if you are passing through the Rajpur Road, coming here for a cool vibe check and a refreshing evening will set your mood. 

It would be great to spend unforgettable moments and rejuvenate while relishing lip-smacking food and beverages. Even if you want to chill and relax after work hours, come and bask in the soothing ambience of Narcoz. Narcoz food cafe in Rajpur Road Dehradun is all set to extend a congenial welcome to you and your dear ones. Do make a visit for a delightful experience.

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