The Best Momos in Dehradun: Where Flavor and Tradition Meet

The people of Dehradun have a celebratory connection with Momos; the bite-sized, juicy, delectable and moist dumplings made with a variety of ingredients, along with vegetarian or non-vegetarian stuffings. Our food lovers out there know what it feels like to have the best momos in Dehradun presented on the table, specifically in the not-so-predictable weather of Dehradun. 

If you are looking forward to having that delightful taste of momos, which leaves your taste buds wanting for more, then Narcoz The Food Cartel is your place to be, to have that incredibly satisfying taste. Being the best cafe in Dehradun, it serves a variety of momos along with tangy and tasty sauces to compliment the flavourful fillings it’s made of. From steamed to fried, vegetarian to meat-filled, the exploration of momos at Narcoz leaves no dumpling unturned.

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The Art of Making Momos

Making the perfect momos is an art, and the chefs of Narcoz are artists, who ensure that every bite of these momos is the ‘bite of happiness’. 

The process of making momos involves a meticulous dance of dough, fillings and pleats, resulting in these delicious delights. The dough is made using the right amount of flour, water, oil, and a pinch of salt, kneaded to the required consistency. The filling, be it fresh meat or flavourful vegetables, is mixed with a blend of spices that immerse a burst of flavours. Then the skilled hands of artisans take over, elegantly wrapping the filling with dough, creating those iconic pleats. The momos are then steamed/fried/boiled to perfection, locking in the taste and preserving the nutritional goodness.

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The Culture Of Momo In Dehradun

Word-of-mouth and social media were just enough for momos to cross the geographical boundaries and enter into a state and city of culture, Dehradun. Here, momos are not just a cuisine, but a way of living life, in the tastiest manner. Momos are a symbol of togetherness, which plays a significant role in creating cherished memories and unforgettable memories with our friends, family, loved ones, and even strangers. So, as these are so popular, why not give your mouth a taste of the best momos in Dehradun, right at the centre of the city’s heart, at Narcoz.

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Exploring The Momos Menu At Narcoz

Firstly as you step into Narcoz, you are greeted by a warm environment and an inviting ambience. The cafe’s dedication to its craft is clear in every detail, from the attentive service to the lovely smell from the kitchen, to the culinary delights it presents to its customers. Narcoz takes pride in crafting a menu that celebrates the rich culture of momos. Whether you are a veg momo lover or a non-veg momo lover, the cafe has all varieties of momos. Here is the list of momos available at Narcoz The Food Cartel:

Kurkure Momos:

Kurkure momos, known as crispy momos, are a delightful twist to traditional dumplings. These momos are deep-fried to perfection, making them taste so yummy and crunchy. Typically, they come with a variety of fillings, such as vegetables, chicken or paneer, ensuring there’s something for everyone’s taste buds. Narcoz offers the following varieties of Kurkure Momos:

  • Nachos Crusted Mix Veg Momos
  • Nachos Crusted Chicken Momos
  • Deep Fried Until Crisp

Tandoori Momos: 

Hailing from the beautiful streets of north India Tandoori momos in Dehradun at Narcoz offer a commendable experience. These momos take a detour from the conventional streaming or frying methods. Instead, they are marinated in a spiced yoghurt mixture and cooked in a tandoor or clay oven. The result is a smoky or toasted exterior, complementing the juicy goodness inside. Especially, Tandoori momos are a true celebration of Indian flavours and are often served with mint or spicy tomato chutney for an extra kick. Narcoz offers 2 types of tandoori momos:

  • Achari Marination
  • Afghani Malai
best tandoori momos at narcoz

Steamed Momos:

As we savour the crispy and smoky momos, it’s essential not to forget the classic and healthy steamed momos. This traditional preparation involves no added oil, making it a guilt-free choice. The dough is wrapped around a delectable mix of veggies or meat, preserving the natural flavours. Served piping hot with a tangy dipping sauce, steamed momos are heartwarming comfort food cherished by people of all ages. Narcoz offers the best veg momos in Dehradun. The varieties of steamed momos are as follows: 

  • Veg Steamed Momos
  • Non-Veg Momos


Narcoz stands as a haven for momo enthusiasts, where flavour and tradition converge. From the traditional steamed momos to the amazing tandoori momos, this cafe has something to serve every mouth. Basically, the best momos in Dehradun are not merely a treat for the taste buds but also a testament to the city’s cultural diversity. Additionally, the locally sourced ingredients, expert craftsmanship, and heartfelt passion of the momo makers truly shine through in each bite. 

Whether you are local or a traveller, the momos here promise to leave an indelible mark on your memories. So, do not miss the opportunity to give way to this heart-warming delicious heritage. Let the flavours of the best momos transport you to a world where taste, culture and tradition beautifully merge. Additionally, next time you find yourself in this charming city, be sure to eat the finger-licking momos of Narcoz.

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