Best Birthday Celebration Cafe in Dehradun

Welcome to “Narcoz – The Food Cartel” the ultimate destination for an unforgettable birthday celebration located in the heart of Dehradun! Nestled amidst the picturesque view of this charming city, our cafe is a haven where cherished memories are made.

As you step into our warm and inviting space, you can immerse yourself in an atmosphere of celebration and joy, whilst our dedicated team goes above and beyond to ensure that every moment of your birthday is absolutely perfect. 

Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering with your closest friends or a grand extravaganza for your next birthday celebration, our cafe offers a range of customizable options to suit your preferences.

Why choose us for your birthday celebration?

Everybody wants to be captivated by unmatched hospitality and atmosphere brimming with joy and laughter, specifically on birthdays. And, that’s what we fill your hearts with, by beginning your birthday celebration here, at the finest cafe in town or at the best birthday celebration cafe in Dehradun. 


The Food Cartel allows you to indulge in a delectable menu, featuring a wide range of mouthwatering dishes and desserts. From savoury treats that tickle your taste buds to the heavenly cakes that are nothing less than edible art, every dish or dessert in our menu is sure to be a delight that leaves a lasting impact in your hearts. 

We believe that lives should be celebrated at any given time and birthdays should always be extraordinary, which is why we offer customisable services and help you plan surprises for your loved ones, friends, or family. So, buckle up to be greeted with warmth as you walk through our doors. 

Let us know what you desire Narcoz to be like and we’ll make sure to meet your expectations. We understand the vision of our customers, ensuring that everything is done your way and reflects your individual style. 

How can we help?

Being the best cafe in Dehradun, we provide a wide variety of facilities to our visitors, right from jaw dropping dishes to heart-warming ambience, we are readily available with everything that you require. So, if you plan to celebrate your birthday, your child’s birthday, or your partner’s birthday with us, here’s how we got you covered: 

  • Personalised Planning: Our dedicated team will work closely with you to understand your vision and preferences. We will assist you in customising every aspect of your celebration, from theme selection and decorations to menu planning and entertainment options.
  • Culinary Delights: Indulge in a gastronomic experience curated by our talented chefs. From mouth watering appetisers and delectable main courses to decadent desserts, our menu is crafted to satisfy even the most discerning palates. We can accommodate special dietary requests, ensuring that each visitor enjoys during the birthday celebration. 
Narcozz cafe decorated for birthday
  • Entertaining Activities: We offer a wide range of options to keep you and your guests entertained throughout the celebration, which is why we will help you select the perfect entertainment options in order to create a celebratory atmosphere.
  • Customisable Decor: We will help you turn the tables by creating a space which captivates your hearts. So, either you look for an exquisite table setting, an ambience with dim lights, or floral arrangement, we will create an ambiance that leaves you happy. 
  • Special Surprises and Add-ons: Enhance your loved one’s birthday celebration experience with the special surprises that we can arrange for you, then be it a surprise birthday cake or anything else. We can arrange unique things that will add that extra charm to your special day.
  • Attentive Staff Service: Our dedicated staff will be at your service at every hour, ensuring that you and your guests are well taken care of. We will greet your guests with warmth and hospitality to provide prompt and attentive service, ensuring to create a seamless and memorable experience for everyone.

Is Narcoz the best place for family birthday celebrations?

Given the fact that we offer plenty of accommodating options to the families visiting with their children, it’s undoubtedly the best cafe for your family to celebrate birthdays. From providing high-rise chairs to sharing a menu with kids-friendly dishes, Narcoz is sure to be an entertaining place for you and your family alike. 

Planning a celebration is quite a task especially when it’s for the family but it can be easy with our interactive staff. Birthdays are a great deal and it should never be ruined because of one petty mistake. So, with our attention to detail we will help your child’s eyes sparkle with delight. So, buckle up to experience the best ever birthday celebration at Narcoz with harmony. 

Unite Love and Celebration at Narcoz

Narcoz is an enthralling atmosphere that sets the tone for an amazing celebration. The location is tastefully designed, with soft lighting, lovely floral arrangements, and chic décor elements that convey romance and refinement. Our attention to detail ensures that every feature of the location is picture-perfect, providing the perfect backdrop for cherished memories and gorgeous images. 

Customisation is all that is required to convert our place from a family-friendly cafe to a place where romance and love is celebrated. At Narcoz, we understand the importance of marking milestones and expressing your love in the most extraordinary way, which is why as soon as you step into our place you will be enveloped in an atmosphere of warmth, elegance, and romance.

2 Mens celebrating birthday

Our dedicated team of planners is committed to curating a birthday celebration that reflects your unique love story. From intimate gatherings to grand soirées, we offer customizable options to suit your preferences. So, if you envision a candlelit dinner for two or a glamorous party with your closest friends, it’s an absolute pleasure for the best cafe for couples to bring your visions to life. 

Approximate Booking Cost 

Narcoz doesn’t charge its visitors for entering the location. Nevertheless, depending upon several factors such as the time of booking, customizations needed, the hours of booking, etc you may be entitled to pay a sum of your money. So, if you look forward to booking us for your next birthday celebration, contact us and feel free to speak what you desire. This will help you and us both to provide exactly what you are looking for. 

Book Us On

If you haven’t visited us before, we welcome you to grace us with your presence in our cafe which is located at 55, Main Bazar Chowk, Old Rajpur Road, Rajpur, Dehradun. Furthermore, if you wish to get in touch with us online, you can either mail us or call us on the below mentioned. 


Contact: +91-887-948-4848

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